Cologne City Panoramic Webcam

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Cologne City Panoramic Webcam

Take a fleeting glimpse at this live feed and those towering cathedral spires may momentarily convince you you’re looking at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. You’re not and this isn’t Spain, it’s Germany.

This panoramic view of Cologne encompasses just about every monument and landmark the German city has to boast about including its very Gaudi-like cathedral. Is it possible that Cologne Cathedral inspired the Spanish architect’s work as it pre-dates the famous Barcelona structure by several centuries? It also took just as long to build, but it has one claim to fame the Sagrada Familia doesn’t have. Cologne Cathedral is the third tallest church in the world. Or at least it will be until the Jesus Christ spire on the Sagrada Familia is finished and it lays claim to the number one spot on the list of the world’s tallest churches.

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