Banyan Tree Luxury Resort Webcam on Ko Samui

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Banyan Tree Luxury Resort Webcam on Ko Samui

If you feel like immersing yourself in that luxury vacation feeling without having to spend a penny, you’ve hit on the right webcam

This live feed streaming from the Banyan Tree Luxury Resort on the Thai island of Ko Samui certainly inspires that tropical getaway sensation – as well as a few lengthy and longing sighs until you discover what types of creatures could be hiding in all of that jungle-like lushness.

Ko Samui is inhabited by almost as many species of wildlife as it receives visitors. Some are pleasing to come across while others will make you cringe and run in the opposite direction. Wild elephants and monkeys are fine as long as they’re viewed from a distance. But just knowing there are over two hundred varieties of snakes, including King cobras, slithering through the bushes of Ko Sumui somehow makes a digital vacation seem not quite so underrated.

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