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Almere City Webcam

It would probably be quite unfair, to the city planners and architects of Almere, to say Almere looks like a Lego construction after several rampant kids have trampled on it, but it’s been said anyway.

Almere is a city on the opposite side of the Ijmeer, a large lake, to the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. If you were hoping to read something about the city’s history while viewing this live feed, sadly, you’ll be out of luck. The reclaimed land Almere is built on wasn’t fully drained until the late 1960s and the first house wasn’t constructed there until 1975. Almere has come on in leaps and bounds since then and is now home to a quarter of a million people. It could be said those residents are making history as the city doesn’t have one or at least, not a very long one just yet. While Almere may not have a past, it looks as though it will have a future as long as the water levels don’t rise.

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