Albert Whitted Airport & St. Petersburg Cityscape Webcam

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Albert Whitted Airport & St. Petersburg Cityscape Webcam

Seeing how dwarfed in size they are by the skyscrapers behind them, the array of small aircraft parked by the Albert Whitted Airport terminal building may lead you to believe this isn’t a busy airport. It is in fact totally the opposite. It also has a special place in aviation history.

The runways of the Albert Whitted Airport see the take offs and landings of around one-hundred thousand planes a year. That’s quite a few more than when the first commercial flight ever landed there in 1914. The view flying in to St Petersburg has undergone some drastic changes in the ensuing century too. When that first commercial flight soared over Tampa Bay heading for Tampa, a trip of twenty-two miles that took twenty-three minutes, there weren’t any skyscrapers and the city had only had a trolley service for a few years. Things have definitely progressed a lot since then.

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