Albentosa Town and Castle Views

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Albentosa Town and Castle Views

If you find yourself straining your eyes searching for a glimpse of the castle on this webcam, you won’t be the only one. It is there though – somewhere, but blends into the landscape better than a soldier clad in khaki-coloured camouflage.

Its mediaeval fortress isn’t the only man-made structure this mountain hamlet in the Teruel province of eastern Spain has to boast about. The stone-built Albentosa aqueduct is an outstanding feat of human construction that has stood the test of time a lot better than the castle. While this village may look sleepy, and with a population of no more than a couple of hundred it usually is, it draws adrenaline junkies like a magnet? What do they do there? Jump off the aqueduct while attached to a bungee rope. Maybe a realignment of this webcam so it focuses on the aqueduct would make this sedate view a lot more exciting. Watching bungee jumpers yo-yoing up and down would definitely be more fun than trying to spot a castle hiding in the background.

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