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Earth Satellite view
This is a non-webcam, but fascinating either way. The view you see is as if looking from the sun.

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Earth Satellite view
Updated on Camscape: 2 hours ago
Web Cam is live at:
2 hours agoWe look for a new picture every 4 hours. If the timestamp is older than that, the cam may have gone temporarily offline. | In: World Webcams |
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6 hours ago
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Comments 1 to 10 (of 26)
2014-10-12, 04:02
Exciting Technology sure has come along way !!!
2014-07-17, 11:00
2014-04-23, 12:34
I want to see live earth cam moving world people in the world.
jay c hamilton
2014-03-26, 23:32
Ha I was on a computer to live satellite and had so mush fun and can't find it .think you
Jeremy Ethen Brickey
2014-03-07, 15:53
How does it work I have been messing with it.
2014-01-13, 14:27
Thanks this really helped on my powerpoint im doing for my school Thank a lot (Thumbs up)
2014-01-01, 20:00
Its really nice. Thanks.
I find that a big mind is behind the world and a kind God.............
Gail Morrison
2013-12-29, 14:18
I know the Pacific is big, but you can appreciate the size when viewed like this - the continents are just peripheral
2013-11-06, 07:56
if it has a better clarity in zooming it will be better
2013-08-24, 07:10
very good experience looking our earth from space
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