Woods Valley Ski Cam in Westernville

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Woods Valley Ski Cam in Westernville

Westernville may be a quiet rural hamlet in the wilds of New York state, but there’s never a dull moment there if you’re the outdoorsy type no matter what time of the year it is.

While there might not be a lot to do in Westernville itself, it’s surrounded by state parks and national forests intersected by great hiking trails. That makes it the ideal place for a get back to nature adventure. As you can see on this live feed streaming from the Woods Valley Ski Area, the outdoor activities don’t stop even when winter arrives. That’s the time of the year when hiking boots and backpacks are swapped for snowshoes, skis, and inflatable tubes. It’s hard to decide which is more enticing, traipsing through the woods or sliding down the slopes. Probably the latter as there’s less chance of running into a bear in winter. They’re sensible creatures and go into hibernation somewhere warm leaving the frigidly cold outdoors to thermal vest and sock-wearing humans.

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