White Rock Webcams from Charlie Don’t Surf

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White Rock Webcams from Charlie Don’t Surf

It’s often a mystery why places are named what they are. Not the city of White Rock in British Columbia though. The reason White Rock is called what it is is a very visible part of the city’s landscape. That said, while you can see many of White Rock’s attributes on this collection of webcams, you can see the outstanding feature it was named after.

Sometime in the past, think thousands of years rather than centuries, glacial movement left a five-hundred ton boulder where White Rock is today. No, the boulder wasn’t white, but formed of drab grey granite. The boulder became a favourite resting place for seagulls who’s accumulated poop deposits eventually turned the boulder white enough to be seen by passing marine traffic. These days, you’ll be pleased to know, the rock is poo-free and painted white annually by the local authorities to make sure it continues to match up to the city’s name.

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