Westport Coastal Webcam

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Westport Coastal Webcam

Westport is a coastal city in the state of Washington that has a lot to boast about. Some of the things it can crow about you can see on this webcam and some of them you can’t.

Westport occupies a peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. It’s a spot that, historically, has proved to be slightly treacherous for passing maritime traffic. That problem was solved in the late 19th century when the one-hundred and seven foot tall Grays Harbor Lighthouse was built. As well as having the tallest lighthouse in the state, Westport also has some of the best beaches, great surfing and amazingly fresh seafood too. If you’re not convinced the seafood in the restaurants is fresh enough, you can go and dig razor clams out of the sand for yourself. Just make sure you have a fishing licence and do it on one of the allocated days though. If you don’t, you could end up getting arrested by the rangers of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. If that happens, just clam up and don’t admit to anything.

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