Views of Biella, Piedmont

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Views of Biella, Piedmont

Take a look at Biella on this webcam and you could be led to believe it’s a rustic village tucked between the peaks of the Biellese Alps in northern Italy where not a lot happens. Looks can be very deceiving.

Biella isn’t a village, but a city that covers an overall area of almost fifty square kilometres and has a population of well over forty thousand. Not that many of the locals appear on the feed. They all seem to have disappeared into the hills and who can blame them.

Biella is surrounded by incredible countryside which, when there’s no snow coverage for skiing, is perfect for hiking. One of the main attractions, the valley of rhododendrons, lies within the boundaries of the nearby Burcina Natural Reserve. After months of winter white on white the blaze of colour the blooming bushes add to the landscape is a welcome change that everyone wants to see.

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