Views from the Brian Boru Pub in Glasnevin, Dublin

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Views from the Brian Boru Pub in Glasnevin, Dublin

If you were a pigeon sitting on the roof of the Brian Boru, a pub in Glasnevin, Dublin, you’d have something to coo about and that’s the right royal view. That said though, the traffic on cam 1 can be quite distracting and while cam 2 might leave a bit to be desired where scenery is concerned, the tree is nice – from a pigeon’s point of view.

What the roosting pigeons wouldn’t know, and probably wouldn’t care about either, is that this two-hundred year old pub is named after an 11th century Irish king. They also don’t know that the pub is mentioned in James Joyce’s classic novel, Ulysses.  Sadly, pigeons have never been known to take much of an interest in history even when it’s as fascinating as the Brian Boru’s is.

While the pub may be historic, it’s one that’s keeping up with the times and is renowned for its excellent cocktails and great food. Thankfully the pigeons can carry on cooing as the one thing that’s not on the menu, yet, is squab.

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