Tonttula ‘Elves Village’ Webcam

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Tonttula ‘Elves Village’ Webcam

Take a peek through this live feed of the Tonttula Elves Village webcam. You’ll discover not all elves live in shady woodland dells or work for Santa Claus.

The Tonttula Elves Village is in northern Lapland. In fact, it’s so far north it’s not far from the Arctic Circle which means in winter it can be dark almost all the time. That doesn’t bother the elves one bit. They’re far too busy welcoming visitors to their amusement park village and making sure they have a good time.

Watch the feeds from the Tonttula Elves Village webcam to spot the elves taking their guests out on husky safaris or being pulled along by the dogs on a troll cart. The Tonttula Elves Village isn’t just for kids either. There’s a fantastic wellness spa on site for adults where even Santa pops in occasionally for a therapeutic sauna.

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