Tijuana Cityscape Webcam

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Tijuana Cityscape Webcam

Tijuana might not look overly exciting via this webcam view, but as often happens, looks can be deceiving. There’s a lot more going on in this urban spread that covers almost two hundred and fifty square miles than you might initially think. It’s not one of the most visited border cities in the world for nothing.

When Americans wanted to imbibe forbidden beverages during the years of Prohibition, they’d cross over the US-Mexico border for a few swift tequilas in Tijuana. Alcohol hasn’t been banned since 1933, but Tijuana still lures hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Whether this sprawling Mexican metropolis attracts tourists like flies because of the low drinking age, the crazy nightlife, the superb shopping centres or the legal red light district, who knows, but attract them it does.

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