Terminal Webcam at Matsu Beigan Airport

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Terminal Webcam at Matsu Beigan Airport

If you have a thing for shiny tiled floors you could find yourself watching this webcam of the Matsu Beigan Airport Terminal for hours on end. If you’re not obsessed with shiny tiles then it’s unlikely you’ll view this live feed for more than the five seconds it takes you to realise that’s just about all you’re going to see.

Matsu Beigan Airport is on the island of Beigan, the second largest in the Matsu archipelago of Taiwan. It’s a domestic airport used by only one airline company, Uni Airlines, who operate on average just two flights a day flying to one destination only and that’s Teipai. With next to no passenger movement, day or night, it’s not surprising the floor is so pristine clean you can almost see your face in it.  

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