Sofia Views from the Lozenets Quarter

clear sky30°C / 86°F

Sofia Views from the Lozenets Quarter

If you’ve dropped by this webcam to check out the weather in Sofia, Bulgaria, put your sunglasses on if it’s anytime between April and September. You still might need them in winter too as the glare from the snow covering Mount Vitosha can be quite dazzling if you’re not expecting it.

Once you’ve adjusted your vision to the climatic changes occurring in Sofia during the different seasons of the year, sit back and enjoy the panoramic vistas of this ancient city. While Lozenets is the fashionable area of the capital city, and definitely a great spot to indulge in some Bulgarian mezes followed by a glass of rakija, you won’t see it on this cam which is a shame. Taking a virtual stroll around Lozenets would be, in anyone’s book, a great way to spend a minute or even two.

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