River Rhine Views from Hirzenach, Boppard

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River Rhine Views from Hirzenach, Boppard

The Rhine is one of Europe’s major waterways and meanders its way through several countries for over one-thousand two-hundred kilometres. There are lots of scenic spots along the river’s course and the one you can see on this cam is undeniably one of them.

Hirzenach is a village that occupies one bank of the Rhine where it winds its way through the Boppard region of western Germany. This area of the Middle Rhine Valley is popular for cycling and, as long as there’s not a train going past, you’ll see cyclists whizzing by on the riverside cycle path. Hirzenach is also a stop off point on the Rhine Castle hiking trail which is a serious leg stretch through the mountains along ancient donkey tracks. One look at those steep-sided cliffs either side of the river is enough to convince anyone to leave their hiking boots in their hotel room and choose two wheels instead.

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