Rauris Webcam Views from the Hotel Pension Theresa

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Rauris Webcam Views from the Hotel Pension Theresa

One look at the views on this webcam streamed by the Hotel Pension Theresa and you may find yourself inspired to burst into a rousing rendition of the Sound of Music. That’s not surprising as these hills are in the Salzburg region of Austria and as green as the ones in the now classic movie. Or at least they are for part of the year until they’re covered with the annual winter snowfall.

Rauris is a small town nestled in the bottom of a steep sided valley of the same name. It’s over two-thousand metres above sea level and a popular place for winter sport enthusiasts who head there to ski and hike the alpine trails. No matter what time of the year it is, the pristine scenery is uplifting. If you find yourself there during the colder months of the year make sure to curb your musical enthusiasm to humming rather than yodelling. While yodelling is an Austrian tradition practised in mountainous areas it’s best saved for summertime otherwise the sound vibrations could well cause an avalanche.  That’s something best avoided at all cost.

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