Port Mer Beach, Cancale Webcam

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Port Mer Beach, Cancale Webcam

The Plage de Port Mer, Port Mer Beach, in Cancale lines the scenic Bay of Mont-San-Michel on the northwest coast of France. It’s a popular drop anchor spot for summertime yachters and there are often more boats on the water than there are folks on the sand.

Cancale itself is renowned for its oysters and they’re reputed to be some of the best in the Brittany region. Along the lengthy promenade of Port Mer Beach there are several kiosks selling freshly shucked oysters by the dozen. Grab a plateful of those and you can slurp as you stroll while pondering on the fact that the reason the oysters are so good here is because there’s a surplus of phytoplankton in the bay water.

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