Platja d’Aro’s Shopping Area in Girona

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Platja d’Aro’s Shopping Area in Girona

This is the webcam to watch if you want to see how the locals of Girona shop, drink coffee, walk their dogs, and get updates on the news.

Girona is in the Catalonian region of north-east Spain and the Platja d’Aro shopping area shown on this live feed is one of more modern parts of the city. The city’s Old Quarter though is bereft of fancy shops but compensates by being choque full of medieval architecture including thick fortress walls and watchtowers. It has a historic ambiance all of its own and it’s one that has attracted film and TV companies, including the ones who made Game of Thrones, to make their productions there. It’s quite possible that even the Starks of Winterfell would agree that progress is good, especially when it involves gelaterias selling homemade ice cream.

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