Pismo Beach Webcam from the Vespera Hotel

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Pismo Beach Webcam from the Vespera Hotel

Thanks to this webcam streaming from the Vespera Resort you can take a guided tour of the seafront in Pismo Beach, California. Watch it for a while and you may start to consider changing your vacation plans as Pismo Beach has it all and then some, well, almost.

Okay, Pismo Beach isn’t San Francisco, it’s a relatively small city with just over eight-thousand permanent residents, but Pismo Beach doesn’t need a bridge to lure visitors and definitely doesn’t live up to the origins of its name. Pismo is a name derived from the Native American Chumash word, pismu, which means tar or tar spring. There’s no tar in Pismo Beach these days which is probably a good thing as it’s pretty messy stuff to clean off your flip-flops. Tar is not the only thing that has disappeared from the landscape of this coastal city. Once its sandy beaches were strewn with massive beds of clams, but sadly they tasted so good, they’ve been consumed almost to extinction. That doesn’t stop the folks of Pismo Beach holding their annual clam festival though. Take your holiday in October when the festival is on and make sure to get some clam chowder before it to becomes a thing of the past. 

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