Pioneer Square Webcam in Portland

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Pioneer Square Webcam in Portland

This is the ideal cam to click into whenever there’s an event happening in Pioneer Square in Portland. You’ll get an incredible, and uninterrupted, bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on below. The only let down, especially when it’s a concert is – there’s no sound. You’ll have to use your imagination for that or put some on in the background.

Portland Square has been the centre of outdoor events in the city since it was inaugurated in 1984. The 3700m² square, also known as the Living Room, not only hosts multiple annual events. The city’s chess players also gather there to check on their mates. Sadly, from this cam you can’t see the Weather Machine, the unique sculpture installed in the square that announces the day’s weather forecast with a two-minute trumpet symphony at midday. On that score – it’s probably just as well the cam has no sound. Inclement weather should never be heralded with a fanfare.

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