Pantai Kukup Beach in Yogyakarta

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Pantai Kukup Beach in Yogyakarta

Most people visit Yogyakarta, the ancient capital of the Indonesian island of Java, to sightsee its numerous temples and monuments. It’s a city renowned for its culture and refinement which is home to and ruled over by the sultan, Hamengkubuwono X. That’s not a name that fits easily on coins or postage stamps.

When visitors have had their fill of the city’s history and arts offerings, they make the two hour journey to the outskirts of Yogyakarta to soak up the sun and the natural beauty of Pantai Kukup Beach. View this live feed for a few hours and you may well notice there’s more people on Pantai Kukup Beach at five in the evening than there is at midday. Why do folks flock there at that time? To watch the sun setting over the Indian Ocean in a super scenic setting is why. If you’re hoping to do the same then you may be disappointed or at least you will be if someone doesn’t get the camera lens cleaned or adjust its focus. But still, a blurry blue sunset is better than none. 

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