Otherton Airfield Webcam Near Penkridge

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Otherton Airfield Webcam Near Penkridge

While your initial thought on this view of Otherton Airfield might be that the position of the windsock is the most exciting element to be seen, it’s not.

Forget tarmac runways, Otherton Airfield near Penkridge in the West Midlands, pretty much takes flying back to basics and you need some serious pilot skills to set an aircraft down here. No, you won’t see any Boeing 747s coming in to land as they’re far too weighty for any of the three short, grass-covered runways. What you will be able to watch are small planes and microlights taking off and touching down. If there’s no aviation action when you click into the cam, be patient and keep yourself entertained by watching the windsock blowing in the breeze.

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