Old Sava Bridge and Waterfront Webcam in Belgrade

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Old Sava Bridge and Waterfront Webcam in Belgrade

If you’re visiting Belgrade then a stroll along the city’s riverside waterfront is a must-do and unlike most other cities, you’ll have more than one river’s side to choose from.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has developed around the spot where the River Danube and the River Sava meet. That’s fortunate as Serbia is a landlocked country which means there’s no escape to coastal regions for its almost seven million residents unless they make the long drive and cross over the border into Montenegro. As it’s not always possible to head for the coast then riversides have to do.

While the bridge you can see on this webcam is still less than a century old, it first opened for use in 1942, it’s become a well-loved landmark for Belgrade’s citizens. When the city’s powers-to-be opted to demolish it in the early 2000s it caused a major hoo-ha among the locals. For once, the residents, even with refraining from voting on the subject, got their way. The bridge, while it may be only a traffic flow restricting forty metres wide, is there to stay just as, according to the locals, it should be. And quite right too.

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