Ngapali Beach Webcam in Thandwe, Myanmar

clear sky25°C / 77°F

Ngapali Beach Webcam in Thandwe, Myanmar

If you’re surfing the net hoping to catch a glimpse of some sun, sea and sand then this live feed of Ngapali Beach will almost, but not quite, suffice. The tropical view would definitely be one hundred percent enhanced without the week-long weather report.

To put you fully in the picture, as the webcam doesn’t, Ngapali Beach is an idyllic stretch of palm-fringed white sand in the town of Thandwe in western Myanmar. It’s the town’s biggest tourist attraction apart from a market and the nearby Zalun Monastery with its mummified monk that’s reputed to still be breathing. That’s a curious mystery to ponder on while waiting for dusk as, thankfully, while the weather report may hide the beach, it doesn’t totally block the view of the sun setting. That’s a spectacle well worth hanging around to watch.

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