Mount Washington Observatory Webcams

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Mount Washington Observatory Webcams

Observe closely bacause with these two webcams you can observe what they observe in the observatory on Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

The Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center is located on the summit of Mount Washington at a height of around two thousand metres give or take a metre or two. The purpose of the observatory is to research the climate, not just on the mountain but around the world. Quite how they do that, through the cloud coverage, is a mystery known only to the teams who stay at the observatory for a week at a time recording data about the weather.

But then again, Mount Washington is renowned for its radical weather changes and in particular high winds so if you tune in and it’s cloudy, as it often is at that altitude, don’t despair. If the wind gets up it’ll blow the clouds away and you’ll see some great mountain scenery – for a few seconds at least.

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