Monteria Skyline Webcam

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Monteria Skyline Webcam

Monteria is a city in Cordoba, a northern region of Colombia, that has a host of interesting characteristics. It also has, as you can see on this webcam, a very attractive skyline. That’s a bonus as none of its other interesting characteristics are visible in this view.

Monteria is located in the Sinú River valley which is one of the most fertile areas of the country. It’s prime grazing land for cattle, but that’s not its only claim to fame. The city has an ornate, white cathedral dating from the Colonial era and operates planchones, an unusual automated covered raft transport system, for crossing the river. As if cows, cathedrals and covered rafts weren’t enough, Monteria is also renowned for the traditional, handwoven Colombian sombrero called vueltiao. They’re a work of art anyone would be proud to have on their head.

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