Monte Romano Astronomical Observatory Webcam in Brisighella

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Monte Romano Astronomical Observatory Webcam in Brisighella

The architectural design of the Monte Romano astronomical observatory, with its dome and rounded frontage, looks just like a cartoon flying saucer. Whether it was intentional or not who knows, but it’s in a great spot seven-hundred and sixty metres up in the mountains of the Brisighella region of northeastern Italy.

The observatory, while it hasn’t exactly blended in, has been part of the Italian landscape since 1999. Its internal installations include a Newton-Cassegrain telescope which is pointed at the heavens in search of new planets and any extraterrestrial activity. Sometimes it’s better to be earthbound than star struck because, while the night skies may be amazing, they’re not as amazing as the panoramic views of the Romagna Riviera through the observatory windows.

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