Lødingen Webcam on the Island of Hinnøya

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Lødingen Webcam on the Island of Hinnøya

As far as Norwegian scenery goes, these panoramic views of Lødingen surpass excellence. Be prepared to be visually stunned by the mountains and fjords you’ll see as the cam pans as they really are Norway at its rugged best.

Lødingen itself is an urbanisation on the island of Hinnøya in northern Norway that has developed along the sides of the Tysfjorden, a sixty-two kilometre fjord that separates the island from the mainland. While it may be difficult to imagine where you can go on two wheels in this landscape, Lødingen hosts so many cycle races every year that it’s become known as Bike Town. No you won’t see any race action on this cam, but you can watch the local ferry sedately sailing in and out of the port which is about as much activity as you’re likely to see.

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