The White House Live Webcam

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The White House Live Webcam

The White House in Washington DC is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Easily on par with the Taj Mahal in India for being an eye-pleasing structure and definitely in a better state than Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Construction of the White House was commissioned by George Washington in the early 1790s, but the building wasn’t occupied until a good decade later in 1801. The expansive mansion and its one-hundred and thirty-two rooms has served as both office and home to all the inaugurated presidents since its first occupant, President John Adams, moved in.

Keep an eye on the political goings-on in America by viewing the White House live webcam. You’ll get a fantastic view of the facade of this emblematic and very elegant structure that has been home to American presidents for two-hundred years. Who knows who will be packing their bags and moving in next.

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23 thoughts on “The White House Live Webcam

    1. The YouTube feed was removed by the source (which is also Earth TV). Only the version on their website currently works and it is not embeddable directly on other websites.

    2. Why do you think. Zoomed out and blurry also. New building around the “fountain being repaired “ too. So much transparency

  1. What changed to make it not embeddable to other sites?Camscape live feed actually worked. EarthTV live feed is horrible and nearly torture to try and watch. 20 second ad, 10 second live feed, cuts out, click to play again, load up ad, watch 15-20 seconds of ad, live feed comes on, watch for 10 seconds, cuts out. Click on play and repeat. It’s really sad the company doesn’t want people to watch anymore. And the Capitol cam is ridiculous. EarthTV is seriously a horrible service controlled by the public servant politicians in DC that don’t want you to see anything.

    1. Earth TV temporarily removed their YouTube feed but it is back as of this morning so we have placed it back on Camscape.

  2. why is the white house cam still down at 11:05 pm??? Is there something going on again that they don’t want us to see?

  3. Like it can’t get worse, now you are blocking us from the TRUTH, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. God does not forget!!!

  4. Why are you still not allowing us access to White House live camera? Seems you would allow us to see if everything was okay.

  5. What don’t the people in charge want us to see??? So sick of information blocked from the public!!! We the people paid for all of this and yet we aren’t privy to see it!!! Gee that’s not suspicious……..

  6. They are building a concrete barrier around the White House……inside the fence, between the fence and the house.

  7. No traffic in DC ? It’s been on the same frame for awhile now and all the other sites are down.
    Truckers be careful and video everything.

  8. Why is the White House webcam suddenly zoomed in tight on the White House and not showing the sky view? What are the trying to pull now.

  9. Nice sky view. This is also a good lightning cam or snowstorm cam in the event of snowstorms, blizzards, severe thunderstorms, or even a tropical storm.

  10. Thank You for removing all the Cult chats and pple just go on there to talk trash about the administration. YouTube was told many times about the chat and did nothing. They keep saying hiding things from them because taken off. Not true. The White House on YouTube should be for the world to see. Not the pple who sit on phone or computers to cause fights. Sick of it. Had to be shutdown.

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