Live Views Around Lake Nacimiento

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Live Views Around Lake Nacimiento

California may be renowned for its amazing coastline peppered with idyllic beaches and fantastic surfing conditions, but there’s also aquatic fun to be had inland. And one of those places where diversion can be had is at Lake Nacimiento.

Lake Nacimiento is an eighteen mile long reservoir near Paso Robles in the southwest of the state which formed after the construction of the Nacimiento Dam in 1957. The dam and reservoir serve more than their original purpose which was to provide additional water supplies to neighbouring communities and farmers as well as produce hydroelectricity. Over the years the lake has become a popular spot for outdoor adventurists who camp around its two-hundred and sixty five kilometres of shore to go boating, fishing or enjoy a variety of watersports. The good thing about the lake is, unlike wakeboarding or jet skiing on the ocean, there’s no waves to tip you off.  

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