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Kraków City Webcams

When you’ve been to Kraków then you’ll know it’s somewhere worth exploring more than once. If travel is not on the agenda then revisit, or discover it for the first time, with these Kraków webcams streaming from all over the city.

Kraków is one of the most historic and attractive cities in Poland. Once the capital of the country, it’s  center is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site with endless streets lined with historic buildings to investigate. There’s a lot to see so sightseeing around Kraków can build up a healthy appetite especially when there’s a nip in the air – which there often is. 

One way to maintain energy levels is with a big bowl of Bigos stew. Bigos can be made from any type of meat, but one essential ingredient it’s never served without is smoked Polish sausage. If you’re in Kraków and your Bigos is sausage-less – send it straight back. The waiter probably snaffled the tasty sausage on the way to the table.

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10 thoughts on “Kraków City Webcams

    1. Agree with u been there two years ago and looking forward for the 18 th to spend Christmas in Krakow and zakopane.

    1. Just back from krakow I love the city they much I’ve been coming back for 23 years! I never tire of the place. Plenty of snow in zakopane and krakow. Christmas Market in the rynek glowny amazing. Try the hog and sausage stall 😋 enjoy

      1. Any recommendations for good eateries off the Krakow tourist trail… we’re off there in the morning for the weekend.

  1. Stayed in Krakow 5-9th Dec 22. Prepared for snow and there wasn’t any (shame). It’s a beautiful city and so clean. Will definitely be visiting again

  2. I love Krakow, it has a magical atmosphere. The best donuts and hot chocolate, anyone that’s been will know where I mean!! I will go back for sure.

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