Key West Street Views from The Wicker Guesthouse

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Key West Street Views from The Wicker Guesthouse

If you were hoping to get a sneaky-peek preview of the historic properties that The Wicker Guesthouse rent out for vacational stays, you’re out of luck. All you’ll see on this webcam is part of Duval Street. That’s not as bad as it sounds as the passing traffic, tuk tuk-like golf carts, bicycles, various vehicles and the odd dog walker or two, can prove to be quite entertaining.

Duval Street is Key West’s two kilometre long main street that has the Gulf of Mexico coast at one end and the Atlantic Ocean coast at the other. The ends of Duval Street are definitely more scenic than the section visible on this live feed, but this view does pay dividends on occasion. Be patient and you’ll catch a glimpse of the Conch Train, Key West’s mini tourist train, as it shunts by. Will you catch a glimpse of the drunken revelers staggering home after they’ve been on the Duval pub crawl and visited all of the street’s infamous drinking holes? On that score, you’ll just have to come back to the feed at night to find out.

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