Huntington Beach Webcam

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Huntington Beach Webcam

If you love to be beside the seaside, this Huntington Beach webcam will soon have you singing any one of a number of Beach Boys songs. Whether you’re giving voice to Good Vibrations or letting rip with a bit of bom bom dit di dit while dreaming of surfing, this Huntington Beach seascape is amazing.

This Pacific Coast city has a beach almost ten miles long, but tune into the live feed from Huntington Beach pier and it soon becomes apparent Californians don’t like to get sand in their shoes. The pier is the place to stroll, fish and sit to watch the spectacular sunsets. Keep an eye on the water and you’ll spot some sundown surfers too. They’ve got no qualms about getting sand between their toes, either that or they’re wearing sand-proof surfing shoes.

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