Heligoland Webcam, Looking at Düne Island

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Heligoland Webcam, Looking at Düne Island

Düne Island is a miniscule blot in the German Bight, part of the North Sea, and one of only two islands in the Heligoland archipelago. At just one and a quarter square kilometres in size you might expect there’s not a lot to see there, but you’d be wrong.

Düne Island might not have any palm trees or be blessed with year round sunshine, but it’s a mini paradise rimmed with beaches. While it might not be the sunniest place in the world, Düne Island still attracts a lot of visitors and not all bring a towel to lay on when they want to bask on the sand. The island, as well as being a tourist attraction, is a nature reserve and a preferred stopping off point for seals and seabirds. If you see something large and white zoom across the screen, don’t worry. The gulls here aren’t the size of pterodactyls. The flash of white with outstretched wings will be a small plane flying in to land at the airport in the north of the island.

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