Harbor Springs Panoramic Views

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Harbor Springs Panoramic Views

If you’re hoping to see a view of a typical city skyline crammed to the hilt with fifty storey skyscrapers, you’re viewing the wrong webcam. But, you’ll be pleased to know, the city view cam delivers a lot more than you expect if you stick with it for a few seconds. The Community Center cam not quite so much.

Harbor Springs occupies the shores of Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay. It’s a scenic part of the state of Michigan and this panoramic cam captures a good part of it. While Harbor Springs has a permanent population of less than 1500, it attracts visitors all year round who go there to enjoy boating, the beach and some golf in the summertime as well as skiing in winter. While that all sounds fantastic, if you’re an artist or photographer you’ll want to plan your visit to Harbor Springs for the autumn. That’s the season that Mother Nature turns this city’s landscape into a colourful spectacular. When you’re viewing the cam at any other time of the year make sure to come back then and check it out for yourself. Harbor Springs in autumn is just too beautiful for words.

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