Hanover Town Webcam Overlooking the First Congregational Church

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Hanover Town Webcam Overlooking the First Congregational Church

If you can’t go through it, go around it and as you can see on this webcam, that’s what they did when they built the roads in Hanover, Massachusetts. There’s not many traffic islands that have a church in the middle so you’re viewing something that is, essentially, quite unique.

The First Congregational Church has been at the heart of this Plymouth County town for almost three hundred years and is a building, along with six others, that form the Hanover Centre Historic District. While it may not be as famous as the leaning Tower of Pisa, it’s not a structure anyone would want to knock down. Its historic and community value are far too important to be replaced by a stretch of asphalt. The question is – has its spire always been leaning slightly to the right, is it a trick of the cam or is it the damp winters of Hanover that have warped its centuries old timber to a curious angle?

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