Goodyear Civic Square Park Webcams

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Goodyear Civic Square Park Webcams

While the city of Goodyear in Arizona may have been established in the early 1900s for the specific reason of housing folks who worked for the well-known tyre company, it’s come  a long way since then.

From its humble beginnings when it covered no more than 65² kilometres, Goodyear has spread its reach to cover almost 500² kilometres of the Grand Canyon State. The population has also grown along with the expansion and over a hundred-thousand people are quite happy to call this arid location in the US home. Goodyear’s public installations, as you can see on this cam, are pretty state-of-the-art even though there’s nothing but an expanse of the Sonoran Desert beyond them. Is there such a thing as cactus-proof tyres? Hope so because any vehicle being driven around here would probably need a full set and some spares too.

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