Faulkner’s Island Lighthouse Webcam

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Faulkner’s Island Lighthouse Webcam

If you were hoping to drop in on an exciting webcam then you may well have found the wrong one. The lighthouse this live feed is focused on was built in 1807, and while it may be the second oldest of its kind in the state of Connecticut, it hasn’t moved an inch since then.

Faulkner’s Island, the three acre scrap of land in the Long Island Sound that the lighthouse stands on, was known by the Native Indian Quinnipiac tribe as the place of the great fish hawks. The island is now part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge and while there might not be so many fish hawks around, it is home to a multitude of birdlife. The most common bird inhabiting the island is an endangered species of tern, the roseate tern that, by nature, is not the quietest of creatures. Sadly, the cam has no sound so while you might spot them flying by, you can’t hear them squawking. To catch some real action you’ll have to visit the cam after dark and get bedazzled by its rhythmic flashing.

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