Fairhope Pier Webcam

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Fairhope Pier Webcam

There’s nothing so nice in a coastal town as a tidy seafront. Fairhope in Alabama has one that’s tended to the max. In fact, in Fairhope they love their seafront and pier so much it’s been officially adopted as the town square.

You may need to ponder on that for a moment or two to let the oddity of it sink in, but it will eventually. Whether the town planners forgot to include a square in the layout when Fairhope was founded, who knows. In truth, what town needs a square surrounded by old buildings when you can stroll along a pier that juts out into Mobile Bay? The answer is none – including Fairhope. Fairhope pier is a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise or get in touch with nature by doing a bit of bird spotting. Town square versus a pier? A pier far out does a square every time so enjoy the view.

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