Chestermere Views Across the Lake

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Chestermere Views Across the Lake

It has to be said, this is probably not the most scenic view of a lake you’ll come across ever, but it does have its moments.

Chestermere Lake is a reservoir the waters of which separate Chestermere from Calgary in Alberta, Canada. While that may sound like the great divide, this lake that was man-made by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company back in the late 19th century has proven to be a recreational blessing. Folks from both Calgary and Chestermere use the one-square-mile lake for boating and fishing, and probably just flopping out on its beaches after a strenuous rodeo  – weather permitting. Thanks to Re/Max Real Estate for sharing the view. We’ll be here, waiting to see the sun setting over Calgary, the dark clouds of a tempest rolling across the lake and maybe even you guys doing a spot of waterskiing.That would liven the lake view up quite a bit.

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