Cherrybikes Bicycle Shop Webcam in Kyiv

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Cherrybikes Bicycle Shop Webcam in Kyiv

If you’re an avid cyclist, bmx-er or are building your bike from scratch, you’ll probably get some level of enjoyment from viewing this webcam even if you only ooh and aah over the safety helmet display. If you’re not a cyclist or bicycle mechanic, then you’ll probably want to find something else to do and pretty quickly too.

It’s not worth straining your eyes trying to spot a spare part for your broken down bike via the cam either so forget it. There’s so much crammed on the shelves of this Aladdin’s cave of a shop that seeing what there is is impossible so give them a call instead and let them do the searching for you. Whatever it is you want will probably be in there somewhere and watching them look for it will be a lot more entertaining than this cam is in general.

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