Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela Webcam

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Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela Webcam

If you’d just hiked the length, or even part, of the Camino de Santiago and walked through the doors of the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela, you’d be able to pat yourself on the back as you’d have reached the end of your pilgrimage. If you had the energy to do anything other than slump in a pew and admire the cathedral’s ornateness, well, fair play to you.

The Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela has been the official end point of the famous historic route since mediaeval times and is reputed to be where the relics of Christ’s apostle, St James, are interred. It is a place for contemplation whether you’ve trekked the Way of St James or not. Watch this live feed for a while and it will definitely leave you pondering on something. Namely, have those feathers that occasionally drift across the screen fallen from the wings of angels or from pigeons roosting in the rafters?

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