Captiva Beach Webcam from the Mucky Duck Restaurant

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Captiva Beach Webcam from the Mucky Duck Restaurant

Thanks to the Mucky Duck restaurant who stream this live feed you can sit at home and imagine you’re on Captiva Beach. It’s quite a relaxing way to spend a few minutes, but not compensation enough for not truly occupying one of those, not so strategically placed, sunloungers.

Captiva Beach is a sandy, five-mile long stretch of coastline on Captiva Island, an island just off the southwest coast of Florida. Is there a better chillout spot to have a couple of sundowners while waiting for the sun to slip below the horizon? Probably not especially if you follow the drinks with dinner at the Mucky Duck. A cup of shrimp bisque followed by English-style fish and chips would go down a treat while listening to the waves rolling in. Shame they don’t do worldwide deliveries or we’d be ordering a seafood feast online.

NB: In case you’re wondering about the origins of the term mucky duck, and even if you’re not, it’s British slang, or better said an idiom, for a black swan. 

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