Bigfoot Zip Line Webcams in Wisconsin Dells

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Bigfoot Zip Line Webcams in Wisconsin Dells

Take a browse through this collection of webcams streamed by Bigfoot Ziplines from Wisconsin Dells and you’ll get an adrenaline fix without having to get out of your chair. There’s really nothing quite like a dose of virtual excitement to liven your day up and you’ll definitely get one here.

You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled to be able to focus on the folks whizzing past as on the higher lines they can reach flight speeds of almost fifty miles per hour. Take a ride on the highest line that’s over a hundred feet above ground and you’ll be on the right level to have eye to eye contact with the birds in the treetops. Well, you would be if you didn’t whoosh by so fast. You might hear them chirping in surprise as the jet stream you cause zooming by ruffles their feathers which should be compensation enough for any adventurous nature lover.

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