Beachcomber Restaurant Surf Cam in St. Augustine

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Beachcomber Restaurant Surf Cam in St. Augustine

Even surfers need some sustenance on occasion. If they drop into the Beachcomber Restaurant in St Augustine, Florida, they can keep an eye on the waves while they eat. Should they spot a promising swell surging in the distance they can grab their board and make a quick dash through the dunes to catch the next breaker.

This is not just a prime spot for wave spotting. View this cam, streamed by the Beachcomber, at the right time and you’ll be wishing you were sitting in the Beachcomber sipping a sundowner as the setting sun paints the sky with colourful hues. While that might be spectacular, it’s not as impressive as the sunrise so hold off on the evening cocktails and check in early to catch the show. You won’t be disappointed.

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