Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb

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Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb

Squares in towns and cities around the world are often the focal point of the urbanisation. They act as meeting points, marketplaces and event venues. Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is all of those and a lot more besides.

The history of Ban Jelačić Square dates back to the early 17th century when it was used as a cattle and produce market. Back then everything was transported on horse and cart but, as you can see on this live feed, things have changed a lot since then. These days pedestrians don’t need to keep an eye out for horse poop deposits, just the non-stop trams passing when they want to cross the street. Trams and people milling around are non-stop in Ban Jelačić Square. The reason for that being the square is where visitors to the city start their exploration of Gradec and Kaptol, the older parts of the city. There is still one horse in the square though and that’s a bronze one which is topped by a statue of the man the square is named after, Count Josip Jelačić von Bužim. Thankfully, that horse doesn’t produce any manure.

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