720° Webcam on Jhouzih Street in Taipei City

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720° Webcam on Jhouzih Street in Taipei City

If when you read 720° you scratched your head and had to think about whether or not that was even a thing, that’s understandable. 360° is usually the term used for anything panoramic. When it comes to image rotation, 720° is the next level and quite honestly far too complicated to explain in one paragraph. 

Forget the brain-numbing experience of trying to Google 720° rotation for the answer unless you’re a genius mathematician.This live feed of Jhouzih Street streamed by Geo Vision from Taipei City in Taiwan is a great introduction to 720° cams and a lot more fun than reading gobbledygook. Sit back, relax, hold onto your chair tight with one hand then toggle the arrows in the top left hand corner of the screen. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride!

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