Valparaiso Cityscape Webcam

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Valparaiso Cityscape Webcam

There are lots of city webcams in locations all around the world, but it’s not often you get to see almost the entire city on just one cam view. With this one you can and a nice amount of the South Pacific Ocean too.

Valparaiso is a port city that hugs the coast of central Chile and as you can see on this cam, once away from the shore, it’s all uphill. Go sightseeing in Valparaiso and unless you ride one of the city’s funicular railways, you’ll end up with some well-developed calf muscles. There’s really no escaping hills in this city. There are around forty-three within the city’s boundaries and all are just about as steep as each other. If the funicular gets too crowded for comfort then riding the trolley bus is an alternative option. It’s a lot less strain on the leg muscles so you’d be off your trolley not to jump aboard.

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