U.S. Cooler Setup Department Webcam in Quincy

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U.S. Cooler Setup Department Webcam in Quincy

There are times in everyone’s life when words fail them. If you had to write a description for this webcam then that would probably be one of them.

This static live feed is being streamed by the US Cooler company from the Setup Department at their manufacturing facility in Quincy, Illinois. What do they do there? They fabricate customised cold storage units for their customers. That means walk-in refrigerators for restaurants and shops, cooler systems for warehouses and chilly brew caves for breweries and home use. If the cam image is frozen, do you really need to ask why?

NB: If you’re a member of a Facebook group like the Dull Men’s Club, which incidentally is not restricted to male members only, you’ll probably love this webcam. On the weekend when no-one is working, it’s about as dull as it can get.

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